Heritage of the Wollombi Valley

The Aboriginal History of the Wollombi Valley – Held at Laguna Hall on 14 February 2009.

Speakers included

  • Garry Jones (art history)
  • John Clegg (archaeologist)
  • Gionni di Gravio (archivist)
  • John Fryer (dating & survey)
  • Wayne Erskine (hydrologist)
  • Aboriginal speakers included Arthur Fletcher & Les Atkinson.

The hope was to enhance public appreciation, understanding and preservation of the international significance of the many thousands of art sites along the Wollombi and explain why they are here and what they represent.

Yengo Country – a source of cultural & spiritual awakening (2.12MB pdf file)
Garry Jones 1993 / 2009 Dip. Art (Educ.), First Class Hons.; M.A. (Studio Art), New York Univ. Acknowledging the input of Peter Crousen, fieldwork partner from 1978 onwards, along with that of Paul Gordon, our Aboriginal brother (Nyampah language group, Wongaipuon dialect, Galugeilu ‘stone people’ clan), 1989 onwards.
We (the Men’s Group) would like to invite all of the Wollombi community to Yarnteen, Wollombi Camp, (4 kms from Wollombi on the Broke Rd) on Saturday, 28th March 2009 at 12.30pm (lunchtime). There will be a brief talk on why the meeting is called by Uncle PAUL GORDON followed by an open question and discussion time.

This is a Men’s Group Organised event, rather than that of Yarnteen’s. I want to make that clear. Yarnteen has been good enough to allow us to meet on their property. There is no formal agenda or formal meeting, this is a response to the meeting on the 14th Feb at Laguna.

Andrew Snelgar
On behalf of the Men’s Group

People are invited to travel the Finchley Trig after the meeting is over, for a sunset guided tour of a local Aboriginal carving site lead by Uncle Paul Gordon.