Hunter Valley Aboriginal Arts and Culture

Respecting Indigenous art and culture in our area. See the following pages in this section for details about the activities of the Aboriginal Arts and Culture group.

We also have an Exhibition space for Aboriginal Arts and Culture. This space features a display of Aboriginal artworks, artefacts and crafts, giving life to one of the Cultural Centre’s founding intents – to support an Aboriginal artistic and cultural presence.

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Wollombi Corroboree

Details, photos and video from the Wollombi Corroboree 2009 and 2010.

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Mount Yengo

The dissected sandstone plateau country in the Mount Yengo area is of the highest spiritual significance to the Aboriginal peoples of NSW surrounding the Wollombi valley.

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Wollombi Valley Heritage

Details of two events in 2009 explaining the Aboriginal Heritage of Wollombi.

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LEP Presentation

The WVAC lodged a submission urging CCC to reinstate Clause 10 so as to preserve and conserve the highly significant Aboriginal sites of the Wollombi - 24 Feb 2010.

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